Before starting the course, we invite you to an introductory meeting in Copenhagen, where you will have the opportunity to greet the other participants, as well as you provided the materials for the course. This evening we also order supplies, so that it can be delivered to the boat. When the course starts, we meet on Saturday at 10:00. 1200 at the port of Palma de Mallorca. When the boat is ready, we board, stow and luggage, and prepare to sail. From here we sail out of the port, and finds an anchorage for the night. The rest of the week typically takes place with the theory of morning, and practical exercises in the afternoon while taking turns anchor, or go to port. On Wednesdays, we can take a day off, where we go to port in Palma on Tuesday evening. You have the opportunity to experience Mallorca all Wednesday until we sail again on Thursday morning at 10:00. 1000
The course ends on Friday evening at about 10:00. 1900, but you have the option to stay overnight in the boat for Saturday morning. One to two weeks after returning home, we arrange theoretical and practical test in Copenhagen, so you can acquire certificates of proficiency in sailing for recreational sailors.