The course starts and ends in a port in the Bay of Palma in Mallorca. As we are not tour operators, be sure to arrange transfers to and from Mallorca. We are therefore not a member of the Travel Guarantee Fund and the arrangement is therefore not covered by any travel guarantee.
Therefore, you should ensure that you have a private travel insurance policy that can cover you in case of unforeseen travel.
Should you for any reason need to withdraw from the course, your amount will only be refunded if your place can be taken over by another student, if the withdrawal period of 14 days has been exceeded, see the section below.
If there are not enough pupils to complete the enrolled week and it has to be cancelled, your deposit will of course be refunded to you immediately.
You must be properly insured in case you are injured during the trip. Remember to obtain a blue health insurance card.

Standard guidance on right of withdrawal for appointments

The withdrawal period

The withdrawal period is 14 days.

The time limit is calculated as a starting point from the day you have entered into the agreement by confirming your participation by either 1) sending personal information at the time of registration, or by 2) paying the first part (deposit) of the invoice sent, if the former 1) has not yet been made.

Under the Consumer Contracts Act, you are entitled to obtain a number of information, including the following: right of withdrawal and on the service ordered. The withdrawal period does not run until you have received this information in writing (for example, on paper or e-mail).

For example, if you want to use the menu, place your order on Monday 1 January 2017. and also have the said information, you have a deadline of Monday 15 October 2017. Have you only received the information later, such as the name of the name of the Wednesday, May 3, 2011; 10: , you have a deadline of Wednesday 17 October 2017.

If the deadline expires on a public holiday, Saturday, Constitution Day, Christmas Eve or New Year's Day, you can wait until the following working day.

How do you regret it?

Before the expiry of the cooling-off period, you must notify DISS that you have regretted the agreement. If you want to provide this notification in writing , for example, if you want to give this information in writing, you can use the to provide the by letter or e-mail – simply send the notification before the deadline. For example, if you want to prove that you have regretted it in a timely manner, you can use the option to provide a certificate of proof that you have regretted the following: send the letter recommended and keep the mail receipt.

Notification that you have undone the agreement must be given to:

Name: Danish International Sailing School
Address: Ganløsevej 44, DK-3520 Farum