Before your course begins you will be invited to an introductory meeting in Copenhagen, where you will have the opportunity to meet and talk to the other participants on your course and receive any relevant information / course materials you require. We will also use this meeting to order supplies. This way ensuring that what is required is delivered to the boat, prior to your course.

Course Start:
The course starts at 13:00 on Saturday at the prearranged location in the harbour of the Bay of Palma, (Bahía de Palma) Mallorca.
When the boat is ready, we board, stow supplies and luggage and get ready to set sail depending on when we are ready. Once ready and everybody / thing is on-board, we will sail out of the harbour and find an anchorage for the night, or we will stay at our harbour until the next morning. Normally the week is composed by theory in the mornings and practical exercises in the afternoon. Evenings/nights will alternate between anchoring at sea or going into a harbor, depending on wind and weather. During the week we wil find a harbour in Palma City in order for you to get the chance to experience a night out.

The course ends at Friday evening at approx. 17:00. Please note that you can spend the night on the boat until Saturday morning if you so wish.
One or two weeks after your return home, we will arrange a theoretical and practical test in Copenhagen for the profiency tests in yachting.

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