Our courses are run during the spring, late summer and autumn, which from experience has shown to be those periods with the best conditions for sailing lessons.

Here you will find an overview of the courses currently planned.

(both days incl.)
Mallorca week 22 / 2021May 29 – June 04 May 03 at 19.00June 19
Mallorca week 23 / 2021June 05 -June 11May 03 at 19.00June 20
Mallorca week 39 / 2021Sep. 29 – Oct. 01Aug. 31 at 19.00Oct. 09
Mallorca week 42 / 2021Oct. 16 – Oct. 22Sep. 14 at 19.00Oct. 29

We are constantly updating the course schedule, so please check for new courses.

Should you be interested in a course in a non-scheduled week please contact us. Such courses have a minimum requirement of 4 paying participants.