A weekly course costs DKK 10,500,- and includes sailing school, teaching materials, boat hire, final cleaning and bed linen. Upon registration, DKK 6,000 is paid, and approximately one month before departure, the last DKK 4,500 is paid.

Ship box

Each participant pays EUR 150,- to the ship's box, covering port charges, fuel consumption and on-board meals.  Drinks and visits to the restaurant are at your own expense, unless the crew agrees it differently.
The money for the ship's box must be brought in cash in Euro.


One to two weeks after returning home, we arrange theoretical and practical tests in Copenhagen. If you want to go for both tests, you must count on a trial fee of approximately DKK 900,-

Other expenses

You must buy your own airfares round trip Palma de Mallorca and we recommend that you only buy flights once we have confirmed the course. Finally, there is taxi ride between the airport and the port (about €25,- each way), but we encourage participants to arrange carpooling depending on flight times.