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Copenhagen Sailing School

If you cannot go abroad to learn how to sail, we recommend that you sail with us to Copenhagen Sailing School: https://sejlerskole.dk/

Proficiency tests

Here you will find more knowledge about the requirements for the proficiency tests:

Danish Maritime Authority: https://www.soefartsstyrelsen.dk/SkoleFritidssejlads/UddPersonligeBeviser

Danish Sailing Union: https://dansksejlunion.dk/uddannelse/fritidssejleruddannelserne/duelighedsbevis

Danish Recreational Boater Union: https://www.dfukc.dk/

Other useful links and apps

Weilbach: https://www.weilbach.com/da/

Geodata Agency: https://gst.dk/

Weather reports: https://www.yr.no/

Note! We have no financial interests in these links and app's and in no way stands for them.