Henrik Sunekær has sailed since his youth in both Danish and foreign waters. Around Mallorca Henrik has been sailing for over 25 years. He has taught practical sailing, navigation and Y3 at evening school, in sailing clubs, Copenhagen Sailing School and now in DISS.

In part, Henrik is an authorised censor in sailing, navigation, speedboat, watercraft and Y3 in the Danish Yachtsmen' Union and the Danish Sailing Union.

He is a qualified lawyer and has been employed as head of unit in the Defence Command and at the Defence Academy. In addition, he has served as a military legal adviser to the Navy, where he has participated in several anti-piracy missions.

Lars Jonasson – colloquially known as Jonas – got his first boat, an optimist dinglle, for his 6th birthday present, and he has sailed ever since in many different dinghy classes, including competitive racing, keelboats, motorboats and powerboats.

He has taught sailing and navigation since 1982 in sailing clubs, youth and evening schools, at Copenhagen Sailing School and now in DISS.

He also teaches motor learning, as well as in diving, from which he also has sailing experience from several areas of the Mediterranean – especially around Mallorca – the Red Sea and around Florida.

Jonas is a trained teacher, criminologist and psychotherapist and works on a daily basis with prevention efforts in schools as well as with children, young people and families in vulnerable positions. He has previously been skipper of a project ship for children and young people.