We are experienced international instructors and have conducted courses in navigation, motor / power boating and the art of sailing, for many years – both at home and abroad.
Why Mallorca?
Well, for the last twenty years or so, we have found that many people want to learn how to sail, perhaps even buy a boat, but have trouble finding the time to attend lessons at a sailing club or where the course can take a couple of seasons – The Danish weather can also be a reason why you want a sailing course in warmer latitudes. So we provide theoretical and practical training there where you are going to use it. On The Boat – It’s a real hands on experience “live aboard”!
During the week we alternate between theoretical assignments and practical exercises (Learning by doing), and you receive an out of the ordinary tutorial experience as we sail around and visit harbours and small bays in the waters of Mallorca
Experience has shown that our live aboard courses work, so that after a week you are ready to take your exam in accordance with the rules of the Danish Maritime Authority.

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